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Webinar Wednesday’s are a new educational series for all those who are involved in life-affirming ministries. Webinars are free and will be held on the first Wednesday of each month and feature an exciting array of speakers and topics. Webinars are LIVE and interactive with Q & A and use a Zoom platform. I hope you will join us for this exciting new program.


November 2020 | Lori DeVillez

Outside the Box Fund Development: What's NEW - What works?

Do you ever feel as though the task ahead is more than the resources you have? We will discuss the basic foundations of creative fund development strategies that have proven successful over time. It is now time for us to dream big and expect to see those dreams become reality! You'll learn about small group fundraising, planning short easy events, one-on-one asking, doing your homework and the vital role of the "thank you". Let's explore creative ways for God to provide our resources to bless others!

Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana and a background in social work, public administration, and missions, Lori DeVillez began her career path of serving pregnancy centers in 1992. From 1997-2005 Lori traveled the nation as president of The Heidi Group, an Austin, Texas, organization that helps centers develop strategic ministry plans and provide valuable training in all aspects of pregnancy resource center management. Lori developed a heart for the 100,000-plus university students in Austin, where she moved in 1997. Her vision for a pregnancy center adjacent to the University of Texas campus was realized in January 2005 when the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center opened. Lori still serves as founder and executive director of Trotter House, formerly known as the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, and has since planted 20 more pregnancy resource centers in the Austin area.

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October 2020 | Luisa de Poo, LP, M.A.

Transgender Issues: A Pro-Life Understanding

In this webinar we will discuss why we consider Transgender ideology a Pro-life issue. By providing an adequate anthropology we can help others to understand the truth of the Gospel as we are all created in the image and likeness of God. As pro-life people we have to be able to educate on this issue and compassionately guide young people who question their identity.

Luisa de Poo, LP, M.A., is the Director of the Office of Life, Marriage, and Family in the Diocese of Austin. She has earned multiple educational degrees including a Master's in Theology from St. Mary's University in San Antonio and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Luisa De Poo was appointed by Archbishop Joseph Naumann as a consultant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities in light of her effective pro-life/pro-family work and efforts.

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September 2020 | Paddy Jim Baggot, M.D., OB/GYN, DABM

Fetal Heart Abnormalities: A Pro-Life Center Response

From time to time you may have a client that shares with you that she needs to abort because of a serious abnormality with the child. Heart problems are one of the most common. In this session Dr. Baggot will share descriptions of common fetal heart abnormalities, how serious they are, how with proper care and referral they can be treated, and what their prognosis is. This section is complete with illustrative ultrasounds. Dr. Baggot also shares his belief in the special, care, and information our pro-life pregnancy centers provide and their superior assistance to women in need.

Dr. Paddy Jim Baggot earned his medical degree from the University of Illinois School of Medicine, he is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as in medical genetics. In addition, Dr. Baggot has a strong background in Down syndrome research and brain development in the womb. His research has led to a better understanding of the disorder and the positive effects of early interventions.

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August 2020 | Helen Rossi

One Woman’s Attempt to Stamp Out Teen Sex in the San Fernando Valley

This informative session will cover the history and development of a highly successful sexual abstinence program as well as a view of the contents and its effects on the students. Helen hopes that her session will encourage other centers to develop their own programs. She will cover the following: History of program, Her style, Motivation for boys, Motivation for girls, and Feedback from students.

Helen has been an RN since she earned her BS degree at Loyola University. Her special interest was postpartum, which led to her devotion to the unborn as well as the newborn. She has been a counselor at The Pregnancy Counseling Center in Mission Hills, CA for 28 yrs. She expanded her reach with a sexual abstinence program in an effort to help students to avoid what one of them described as “the misconception“ of a child.

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July 2020 | Jacob Barr

Reach Abortion Vulnerable Clients with Content Marketing

Listen to Jacob Barr talk about content strategies to reach abortion vulnerable clients. His message will encourage you to "love your content" and to learn how to strategically connect with abortion vulnerable clients with messaging that works.

Jacob Barr serves pregnancy centers across the country as the owner and lead strategist at He has served Sister Paula and International Life Services since 2012 as an ATI speaker over the last 7 years and he has served on 3 ATI planning committees. His team at has served over 400 pregnancy centers over 20 years. Currently his team is working with 49 pregnancy centers to collectively use $3,000 Google grant dollars per day for reaching abortion vulnerable clients. This grant dollar budget adds up to $1.1 million per year. Jacob Barr desires to help more pregnancy centers leverage intelligent ideas to reach more abortion vulnerable clients.

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June 2020 | Mari Wingate

Spiritual Warfare & Standing Strong in our Authority

This powerful presentation will encourage you to move forward with God's power in your position at the pregnancy center, rise up stronger through adversity, and walk in authority to release blessings.

Mari serves as the Executive Director of LivingHelp Center, a pregnancy center in Southern California. She is the International Life Services Board Vice President and also the ILS Online Magazine Editor. An ordained minister, Mari is passionate about prayer and service to others.


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DISCLAIMER - The views expressed in the Webinar Wednesday Series are provided for informational purposes and may not reflect the views of International Life Services.

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